Achieving Traceability in your Coatings Department

Achieving Traceability in your Coatings Department

When coating your product, nothing is more important than maintaining consistency.  Every proper coating requires hundreds of steps including setting the equipment up properly, ensuring the coating is correct, and part preparation has been completed within specifications.  Employees and finishing departments often shoot from the hip.  This can cause a poor finish which leads to more rework and decreased profits.

The solution is to ensure a standardized set of fluctuating variables and holding people accountable.  Finish Genius Pro+ offers work instructions to do just this.  Employees will login using their own username/password, and as they go through the steps for equipment, coatings, and part preparation, they will check off that the setup is within spec.

The benefit to this is not just achieving traceability, but also enjoy changes on the fly that might not otherwise be possible.  Humidity and temperature changes often need to take place based off time of day and season.  Managers can make these adjustments and finishing staff will be updated in real-time when the logon to see what variables may have changed.

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