• Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 102)

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    IWF 102 – Course Description

    Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 201).  Are you looking for a finishing foreman?  Look to AWFI to provide training for your foreman in this comprehensive learning experience.  This seminar covers all the elements of wood finishing to position your employee to oversee your finishing department with confidence.

    Upcoming Courses

    • October 17 – 19, 2018
    • December 12 – 14, 2018
    • January 9 – 11, 2019
    • February 27 – March 1, 2019
    • Additional dates to be announced

    Don’t see a date that fits your schedule?  AWFI will work with you to set up a class at your convenience.  Call 1 (888) 840-2934 to discuss dates.  You may also be interested in Consortium Training, or On-Site Company Training, or In-Lab Training.

Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 102) Course Brochure


Advanced Process and Procedure Training

In this three-day course, each step of the finishing process will be presented in depth to include the following:

  • Sanding Technologies

    Advanced Staining & Color Control

    All Phases of Quality Control

  • Spray Operator SOP’s

    Equipment Selection and Specifications

    Material Vendor Specifications

  • Color System Matching

    Advanced Multi-step Finishing

    Finishing Room Layout & Specifications

Attending this course, along with Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 101), will entitle you to receive our distinguished Industrial Wood Finishing Technician certification.

  • Small Class Size (Max. 6-10)

    Hands On Training

  • Create Beautiful Wood Finishes

    Deliver the Right Solution


  • • New Employees & Personnel

    • Trainers

    • Finishing & Paint Shop Supervisors

    • Staining and Glazing Technicians

    • Department Managers

  • • Small & Mid Size Shop Owners

    • Color Designers and Stylists

    • Finishing Team Leaders

    • Quality Control Personnel

    • Line Operators

  • • Middle Management

    • Product & Equipment Supplier Salespeople

    • Process Engineers

    • Lean Manufacturing Team

Anyone who wants to improve or learn about finishing in order to gain a competitive advantage for your finishing operation is welcome to attend. 


  • Day One
    Session 1 – Lecture  |  Overview of Advanced Wood Finishing
    Session 2 – Lecture & Demo  |  Advanced Sanding Technologies
    Session 3 – Lecture  |  Quality Control
    Session 4 – Lecture & Hands-on  |  Advanced Staining and Color Control
    Session 5 – Lecture & Hands-on  |  Color System Matching

  • Day Two
    Session 1 – Lecture  |  Equipment Selection and Specifications
    Session 2 – Lecture & Hands-on  |  Equipment Repair & Maintenance
    Session 3 – Lecture Hands-on  |  Spray Operator Training Program
    Session 4 – Lecture  |  Finishing Material & Vendor Specifications

  • Day Two
    Session 1 – Lecture  |  Equipment Selection and Specifications
    Session 2 – Lecture & Hands-on  |  Equipment Repair & Maintenance
    Session 3 – Lecture Hands-on  |  Spray Operator Training Program
    Session 4 – Lecture  |  Finishing Material & Vendor Specifications

Please Note: Course can be customized based on your specific shop applications

  • Learn High Quality Finishing

  • Great for New & Existing Finishing Personnel

PRICING:  Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing Course

In-Lab Price:  $ 1,495 /person

Call (888) 840 – 2934 for Consortium & On-Site Pricing

Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing Training Course Includes…

  • Three Days of Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing Instruction

  • Certificate of Completion

  • All Course-related Handouts & Lecture Material

  • Catered in Lunch

Pre-Requisites:  Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 101) is required prior to taking this course.

Discount(s):  Sign up for IWF 101 at the same time for a full week at a discounted price.

How to Enroll

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    Receive a 30% Discount for same company and same classes. (Excludes AFF 402 & CMW 410+)

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