• Automated Finishing & Process Engineering  Course(AFF 210)

    Advanced Automated Finishing


    AFF 210 – Course Description

    This advanced 5-day course will cover all operational functions of automated finishing technologies. If your company is new to automated finishing or upgrading current technology, each course is customized to offer specific one-on-one training to meet each company’s requirements. A detailed Process Engineering Report with metrics from surface preparation recommendations, color work, and through each step to final topcoat will be created and validated on the automated equipment in the hands-on training sessions of the course.

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AFF 210 Course Brochure


  • Pre Consultation

    A pre-training event phone consultation with attendees will identify the finishing requirement goals to be covered in the customized process specific training course:

    Substrate | Coating technologies Finish quality | Production costs

  • Coatings

    Lacquers, Conversion varnishes, Urethanes, High gloss, UV coatings, Water reducible materials, Pigmented coatings, 100% solids

    Delivery and Application Systems

    Low pressure, High pressure, Two-component mixing, HVLP spray, Airless spray, Air-assisted airless spray, Material heating

  • Application Technologies

    Reciprocating spray, Roll coat, Linear spray, Vacuum coat

    Curing Technologies

    Convection, IR curing, UV curing, Laminar

  • Small Class Size (Max. 6-10)

    Hands On Training

  • Engineer Process Goals

    Discover the Right Solution


  • • New Employees & Personnel

    • Trainers

    • Finishing & Paint Shop Supervisors

    • Staining and Glazing Technicians

    • Department Managers

  • • Small & Mid Size Shop Owners

    • Color Designers and Stylists

    • Finishing Team Leaders

    • Quality Control Personnel

    • Line Operators

  • • Middle Management

    • Product & Equipment Supplier Salespeople

    • Process Engineers

    • Lean Manufacturing Team

Anyone who wants to improve or learn about finishing in order to gain a competitive advantage for your finishing operation is welcome to attend. 


  • Day One
    Session 1- Overview of automated finishing
    Session 2- Company specific technology training
    Session 3- Gun applicator technology
    Session 4- Fundamentals and selection of material handling systems
    Session 5- Overview of automated line controls

  • Day Two
    Session 1- Engineer process goals
    Session 2- Continue engineer process goals
    Session 3- Setup and configure guns and pumps
    Session 4- Configure line operation

  • Day Three
    All day- Hands on operation of equipment

  • Day Four
    All day- Hands on operation to test and validate process

  • Day Five
    Session 1- Update engineered process documentation
    Session 2- Startup and practice by attendees
    Session 3- Troubleshooting
    Session 4- Shut down and cleanup by attendees
    Session 5- Maintenance & repair Session 6- Wrap-up and Q&A

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Please Note: Course can be customized based on your specific shop applications.

  • Process  Testing Prior to  Large Equipment Purchase

  • Discover New Automation Technology & Process Configuration Tips

PRICING:  Automated Finishing & Process Engineering Course

In-Lab Price:  $ 4000 + $60/person

Call (888) 840 – 2934 for Consortium & On-Site Pricing

Automated Finishing & Process Engineering Course Includes…

  • Five Days of Automated Finishing & Process Engineering Instruction

  • Certificate of Completion

  • All Course-related Handouts & Lecture Material

  • Catered in Lunch

Pre-Requisites:  No pre-requisites required.  A phone consultation will identify the finishing requirements & goals to be covered in the course.

Discount(s):  None available at this time.

How to Enroll

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  • Multiple Attendees Discount

    Receive a 30% Discount for same company and same classes. (Excludes AFF 402 & CMW 410+)

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