• About AWFI

    …is a for profit organization that delivers knowledge to the professional coating application industry.  Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, AWFI has been providing solutions to finishing operations for 15 years.  We accomplish this by providing training solutions, consulting & process solutions, and the implementation of Finish Genius. AWFI has operated throughout the US and overseas, offering comprehensive services to the industry since its incorporation in 2000.

  • AWFI has provided training and consulting for finishers from one man wood shops to the largest companies in the industry. Our expert consultants will provide you with the tools to get your application right. Using the correct coating, the correct equipment, and best practice standards, your operation will soar ahead of your competition.AWFI offers on-site consulting services to finishing operations of mid-size and large corporate manufacturers. Our expert consulting staff from AWFI consist of professionals with over 50 years of experience in the wood finishing industry and specialize in providing total solutions for advancing finishing facilities to achieve maximum application performance and profitability.

  • President AWFI, Phil Stevenson

    PhilStevensonPhil Stevenson, founder of AWFI, has led the company to provide the highest level of knowledge based services to the coatings industry to over 1000 customers.  The value and success of AWFI is developing independent, non-biased, third party education, process engineering, and consulting. Creating resources that are used as standards in the industry are a trademark of the company.

    AWFI is uniquely positioned to offer the only real world applied technology resources for all sectors of the coating industry.  Connecting coating technology, equipment technology, and best practice standards to equal a complete finishing solution, AWFI is second to none in the industry.

    Our application engineers, lab technicians, and trainers are dedicated to provide the most advanced solution to your coating requirements.  Each staff member has over 20 years of experience in their respective fields of expertise.  The staff includes a diverse background experience in all types of coatings application in all sectors of the industrial finishing and coating industry.

  • Mission Statement

    AWFI will be recognized as the premier organization for coating application research, development, and training for industry; AWFI offers innovative solutions to preserve and strengthen cost-effective manufacturing.  Technology and the ultimate value of human resources will be the foundation on which this goal is met.  The high regard for the following values shall be the guiding direction of AWFI:

    • Honesty and Integrity
    • Unequivocal excellence in all activities and services AWFI offers
    • Science based innovation in training, consulting, and research and development
    • Responsibility and dedication to the advancement of “green” technology
    • Nurturing of the human mind and spirit to become world class leaders in manufacturing

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  • Address

    10430 John Price Rd
    Unit A
    Charlotte NC 28273-4526

    Lab for AWFI Training Address
    10430 John Price Rd
    Unit A
    Charlotte NC 28273-4526 United States

  • Testimonials

    AWFI is a nationally recognized training provider for the finishing and paint contracting industry. Paul Linden and several employees have earned multiple certifications from AWFI. Their skills and talents became top in there class. Their on the job work quality and diversity is second to none in their field of work. Business ethics and fine workmanship convince me I would hire Paul Linden to do work for me without second thought.

    Paul Lindend, Accent Painting, INC.

  • Contact References

    Grants Obtained for Companies Throughout the United States through the following:
    California Community College/San Bernadino Community College District Economic   Workforce Development
    Georgia Institute of Technology/SETAAC
    Workforce Florida/Florida Incumbent Workforce Training Program
    Indiana Workforce Development Program/TAG

Project Work

  • Duralee Fine Furniture – Provided two weeks of training in Industrial I and II, Quality Control, and Antiquing and Glazing

    Creative Wood Designs – Two year contract to overhaul finishing department

    Blue River Cabinetry – Two year contract to overhaul finishing department

    Smart Cabinetry, LLC – Produced a quality control manual bringing Smart into FEMA compliance, allowing them to handle FEMA contracts

    Northrop Grumman – Training & Process Engineering

    Bombardier – Training & Process Engineering

  • LK Industries, Jacksonville, FL – AWFI created new finishing procedures and color development systems for their Starbucks client; also wrote and implemented SOPs

    Decore-ative Specialties, Monrovia, CA – Two year consulting contract to provide assistance with the design, engineering, and training on the use of a $5 million, 100% Green water based finishing system

    Burger Boat Company, Manitowoc, WI – Retainer contract to provide assistance in the finishing department

    Hodgdon Yachts, Eat Boothbay, ME – Contract to provide assistance and on-going consultation in finishing department

    Millwork and More, NJ – Provided product development – stylized over 500 new designer finishes for new product line

  • U.S. House of Representatives – Training members of Larry Carter’s team in all aspects of Wood Finishing as needed.

    Kemp Cabinets, Indiana – Designed and developed new marketing strategy to diversify the product line – this included the production of over 500 new designer finishes

    Wholesale Door – AWFI assisted with purchasing and setting up a new automated spray system

    Crown Point – Provided performance testing and evaluations of the coated trial run test panels.  Assisted with the selection of the coating vendors.  Wrote and implemented SOP’s

    Fleetwood Industries – Trained Spray Operators

    Conestoga Wood Specialties – Trained Spray Operators

  • Material & Equipment Vendors

    Some of the material and equipment companies with whom AWFI has done training or is affiliated with include:

  • ML Campbell
    Renner Coatings
    Becker Acroma

  • Mohawk
    C.A. Technologies
    Superfici America
    Acorn Equipment

  • Course Brochures

    Click on any brochure for full course information.  

    AWFI offers coating industry courses and seminars with certifications for those looking to reduce costs and maximize efficiency as well as comply with State and Federal compliance regulations. AWFI can customize curriculum specific to your company’s unique manufacturing process and can include NESHAP training.  Contact AWFI’s certification team to find out what types of certifications are right for your company.

  • Finish Genius Brochure

    The Best Application Technology since the flat-line.  Check out the AWFI Finish Genius Brochure to learn how this software can advance your application performance.  Data Record Keeping, Process Engineering, Process Training, Process Validation, and a lot more.

    Download Full Finish Genius Brochure


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  • IWF – International Woodworking Fair, LLC

    AWFI will be at the iwfatlanta.com trade show August 22nd – 25th, 2018.  Come see our booth exhibit for a live FG Demo!


    The International Woodworking Fair 2018 will be one of the top woodworking trade show in the world for the furniture manufacturing, architectural woodwork, custom and general woodworking industries.  IWF 2016 marked the 3rd consecutive show that had growths in both exhibits and attendees with a total of 27,260 in attendance. This show hosted 1,079 Exhibitors and housed 532,565 net square feet of exhibit space. IWF is a bi-annual event that is held every two years at the Georgia World Congress Center and draws attendees from all over the world.

    Show Dates: Wednesday, August 22 – Saturday August 25, 2018
    Show Hours: Wednesday – Friday | 8:30am – 5:00pm & Saturday | 8:30am – 1:00pm
    Show Location: Georgia World Congress Center | 285 Andrew Young International Blvd, NW | Atlanta, GA 30313 | USA

    AWFI will be at the awfsfair.org July17 – 20th, 2019.

    See firsthand what’s new in the industry. New products are launching again, and AWFS®Fair is the guaranteed place to see them. A New Product Showcase and special industry awards spotlight the best new ideas and give you a complete look at what’s available now to help you stay current and competitive.

    Get smart—and stay that way. AWFS®Fair delivers relevant industry information and education to advance your business—and your career. Attend the College of Woodworking Knowledge (CWWK) seminars, including the early morning technical “SMART” sessions.

    Expand your network and strengthen your connections. Take advantage of valuable networking opportunities to meet with other woodworking pros and share ideas, advice and connections that can help improve your operations—and your profits.


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