• Consulting & Process Solutions for the Coatings Industry

    Connecting Coating, Equipment, and Process with People to Achieve Manufacturing Excellence


  • • Engineer Cost Effective Process Solutions

    • Optimize Existing Processes

    • Digital Process Documentation

    • Affordable Consulting and Small Shop Setup


    AWFI is uniquely positioned to offer the only real world applied technology resources for all sectors of the coating industry.  Connecting coating technology, equipment technology, and people to equal a complete finishing solution.

    AWFI’s value and success is developing independent, non-biased, third party, process engineering, and consulting. We work with all suppliers to connect resources with a value added processes


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Consulting Projects Examples:

New Finishing Line Design & Layout  |  Equipment Specification  |  Lean Manufacturing/Continuous Improvement  |  Creating Standard Work Instructions  |  Process Engineering  |  Coating Technology Evaluation  |  Existing Process Evaluation  |  Creating and Implementing Quality Standards Systems

Small Shop Consulting & Process Solutions

Affordable Consulting and Small Shop Setup Information

AWFI provides a consulting resource to setup small shops or optimize your paint or finish facility.  This resource is a non-biased cost effective solution that  provides expertise requirements for small to mid-size shops.

Our services include off-site consultation to define the correct process for your finishing needs.

• Coating & Materials Specifications
• Equipment Specifications
• Setting Up Paint or Finishing Shop Environment

Learn more about Small Shop Consulting & Process Solutions

Medium & Large Company Consulting & Process Solutions

Optimize Your Current State Process or Engineer a Future State Automated Solution

Let our team evaluate your current state process to learn how to increase quality production efficiencies and throughput.

To increase throughput and profitability AWFI can provide a future state solution to automate and streamline your paint and finishing operations.

Learn more about AWFI Consulting & Process Solutions for Medium and Large Size Companies.

  • Consulting Benefits

    AWFI does not only research and recommend a solution to your coating challenges; our team will work with your organization to implement the solution. Our implementation process is second to none in the industry.

    Working side by side as a partner our hands on team members bring practical experience and dedication to deliver a superior coating process solution. AWFI brings a 3rd party non-biased perspective that is unavailable from equipment and coating suppliers. As a representative, we are advisors to your company, not your vendors. AWFI is your coating application solution & implementation partner.

  • AWFI Consulting Value Proposition

    • Reduce Rework
    • Increase Productivity
    • Improve Product Quality
    • Meet Environmental Compliance
    • Introduce New Products and Increase Market Share
    • Improve Bottom Line Profitability
    • Gain Competitive Advantage

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  • Questions?  Use the form on the left or call (888) 840 – 2934 to get started.  AWFI has successfully implemented custom consulting and process solutions from small shops to large production facilities around the world.  We would be happy to provide you with a list of companies as references and testimonials.