• Process Engineering & Documentation

    Streamlined Engineering & Documentation Resource


• FG database resource provides thousands of data points
• Connecting researched process best practice standards
• Turbo charge process design and optimization.
• Efficient Management of Your Process Content.

Finish Genius Team offers process engineering using this state of the art technology, efficiently creating processes for both manual and automated systems. The FG Process configurator allows for easy step by step setup. Our team uses the FG database of all manufacturers materials and equipment to create an infinite number of custom processes for your team to follow.

FG process engineering system allows your companies process engineers to easily create new processes. This dynamic system also allows you to expand FG’s process engineering to all types of manufacturing outside of finishing.  Use FG process engineering to create electronic checklists and dashboard reporting throughout your manufacturing operations.

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     Process Engineering – See how FG can engineer your custom processes.

    Choose from one of three different company accounts to see how FG will work for your company:

    Manual Wood Shop
    • Automated Wood Shop
    • Manual Gen. Ind. Shop


    •  To edit steps and data points, click the spray gun icon on the left menu.
    • Choose a Process to Edit from the list.
    •  Select any sub-step (number 1 – 10+) you wish to edit.
    • You will select the sub-steps Type and Category to dynamically add Inputs
    • Click Save and Continue for a PDF Printout

Process Engineering Features & Details

• Process configurator is setup to include the following industry sectors

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• General Industries
• Manufacturing Processes
• Wood

• Manufacturing processes configured using the sub-steps and data inputs

• Dynamic sub-steps and data inputs can be custom configured

• Unlimited input configurability

• Materials and equipment grouped by category and definable by process

Process Engineering Resource Benefits

  • • Provides fast, efficient documentation system for process engineers.

    • Standardizes processes

    • Reduces rework and production costs

    • Creates process data for training assets

    • Provides data to automatically feed to process validation checklists

    • Pushes knowledge base onto work floor in real-time

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    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

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    Virtually Unlimited User Accounts

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