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    Effective Internalized Training Programs


Work Instructions are ISO compliant interactive multi-media, providing your company with step by step directions.  All Customized Work Instructions are documented to precise process specifications by the Finish Genius Team.  Advanced process education will eliminate tribal knowledge.  On demand internalized training programs decreases turn-over and cost of training.

• Secured Process Knowledge

• Reduces Company Liability & Risk

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      Work Instructions – See how FG can create SOPs for your company.

    Choose from one of three different company accounts to see how FG will work for your company:

    Manual Wood Shop
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    • Create and View Digital Work Instructions by clicking on ‘work instructions.
    • Choose any of the listed formulas and click ‘view’, ‘edit’ or ‘print’.
    • ‘View’ allows you to view the Work Instruction including detailed process steps.
    • ‘Edit’ allows you to modify a current Work Instruction or add information.
    • ‘Print’ allows you to download a PDF version as a hardcopy.

Digital Work Instructions Features & Details

  • Easy to Edit in Real Time

  • Admin Document Control

    Digital Signature Capability

    Export as Spreadsheet or PDF

  • Related Documents

    Pre & Post Items Checklist

    Quick Search

Edit Trail to Automatically Document Author Time & Date

  • Presenter View

  • List View

List of Digital Work Instructions:  Pre-Loaded and Pre-Designed

SOT-701-NESHAP:  NESHAP Spray Operator Training
(213 Total:  158 Slides, 55 videos)

IWF-101:  Industrial Wood Finishing
 (Coming Soon – Fall 2018)

Digital Work Instruction Performance

All Data is Pre-loaded Upon Login to Allow for Fast Responsive Viewing & Editing

All Work Instruction Data Hosted on Secure High Speed Server Systems

Quickly Upload High Resolution 4K Streaming Video & Image Files

Advanced Auto Save & Search Features

SAMPLE CONTENT:  NESHAP Spray Operator Training Work Instruction 

Specifically developed for NESHAP/6H Trainers.  (213 high quality teaching slides)

  • Digital Work Instructions Applications

  • Digital Work Instructions Benefits

  • • In House Human Resources Training Department
    • On-Site Process Directions
    • Secured Process Knowledge
    • Reduces Company Liability & Risk
    • Operator Process Clarification in Real-time
    • Quality Assurance Documentation

  • • Safety Compliance Documentation
    • Visual Modality Training
    • Real-Time Instruction Sharing
    • Easy Access
    • Reduces Turnover
    • Boosts Worker Moral
    • Lowers Entry Level Skill Requirements

  • • Up To Date Work Instructions
    • Lowers Documentation Time Exponentially
    • Engages the User
    • Prevents Re-work
    • Allows for Internalized Training
    • Decreases Training Time

  • • Applied Effective Training
    • Detailed Step-by-step Learning
    • Increases Productivity & Manufacturing Efficiency
    • Eliminates Paperwork
    • Illustrates Complex Tasks
    • Controls Traceability of Process
    • Controls Documentation Integrity

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    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

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    Virtually Unlimited User Accounts

PRICING:  Digital Work Instructions Only

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