• Finish Genius Direct Process Messaging

    Real-Time Responsive Process Communication


Provide real-time process communication with Direct Process Messaging.  Allows for shop floor and management to share messages, photos, and documents form any web enabled device with specified user regarding any process.  All messages and documentation are archived in finish Genius for future reference and process improvement.

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     Direct Process Messaging – See how FG can create and save finishing formulas.

    Choose from one of three different company accounts to see how FG will work for your company:

    Manual Wood Shop
    • Automated Wood Shop
    • Manual Gen. Ind. Shop


    • View your Messages inside Finish Genius by clicking on the mail icon at the top
    • Send a Direct Process Message within the ‘My Work’ Checklist.
    • Production and Maintenance Requests both.
    • Control who has access.

Direct Process Messaging Features & Details

  • User Control to Send and Receive
  • Communicate in Real Time
  • Send Messages, Photos & Documents
  • Proactive Team Management
  • Archivable for Easy Reporting
  • Efficient Communication with Accountability
  • Reduces Downtime
  • Improves Quality Control

Direct Process Messaging Performance

Instant DPM notifications

Time and Date Sent & Received

15 mb Message capacity

Sender name message preview viewable in message list

Search by time, name or message topic

Unlimited message capacity

Infinite message archiving

Direct Process Messaging Applications

  • Real-time Production and Project Management

    Troubleshooting processes using archived process data

    Continuous process improvement

    Creating User Accountability

    Eliminates unwanted communications

    Reduces communication time

    Eliminates audio communication interference

  • Verifiable communication

    Eliminates communication errors

    Communication Traceability

    Visual Drawings & Pictorial communications

    Reduces downtime

    Reduces re-work

    Improves quality control

PRICING: Small Shop Pricing Starting at…

  • $250 + $59/month

    One Admin & Two User Accounts

PRICING:  Medium Size Operations Pricing Starting at…

  • $250 + $89/month

    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

PRICING:  Large Shop Pricing

  • $ Call for Price

    Virtually Unlimited User Accounts

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