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    Connecting Automation to Centralized Data Dashboard


The Dynamic User Interface in Finish Genius Pro 2.0 provides connectivity port with equipment and process devices.  Both Standard Data Integration Portals and Custom Automated Equipment Data Integration are offered.

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    • Click on the ‘Dashboard’ menu item to see a list of your work Processes.
    • Click on the ‘Graphs’ button to see real time streaming data of your process.

Equipment Automation Data Streaming Connectivity Features & Details

Both Standard Data Integration Portals and Custom Automated Equipment Data Integration are offered.

Standard Device Integration:

  • Temperature and Humidity Device
  • Gram Scale
  • Bar Code Scanning
  • Color Measurement Equipment
  • Mil Thickness Devices

Typical Data Collection:

  • Oven Temps
  • Flow Rates
  • Gun Height
  • Line Loading Efficiency
  • Formula Recipes
  • Coating Use
  • Atomization air
  • Coating Fluid PSI
  • Mixing Ratios
  • Sq. Ft. Sprayed
  • Coating TE
  • Production Count

Equipment Automation Data Streaming Connectivity Performance

User controlled data collection frequency

Device portals can receive wifi or ethernet connectivity

User can assign process device location

FG automatically generates API code

Create custom colored graph metrics and labels

Temperature is +/- 0.1 ºC

Range is -40 to 125 ºC

Accuracy of Relative humidity at 25º is +/- 2%

Equipment Automation Data Streaming Connectivity Applications

All types of automated production equipment with data output

Quality control devices

Measuring devices

Process & Product  Tracking

Internet Based and Locally Hosted device application available.

Equipment Automation Data Streaming Connectivity Resource Benefits

Eliminates operator entry errors
Decreased Data Collection Lag Time
Accurate and Automatic Data Entry
Real-time Data Streaming & Visibility


Equipment Automation Data Streaming Connectivity


Temperature and humidity devices available in all FG Pro & Pro+ versions.  One time charge of $495/device, device setup included.

For advanced data streaming connectivity in medium and large shops, call for custom integration and standard device connectivity pricing.  FG PRO+ license required.

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