• Formula Record Keeping

    Advanced Formula Record Keeping Automation


Formula Record Keeping Automation provides accurate, safe database of color formulas. Your existing formulas or Finish Genius team engineered formulas are pre-loaded and documented in detail, ready-to- use. Secure formulas are safe and without risk of operator error. Accurate data will be available at users fingertips at all times.

•  Create a batch formula with ease and accuracy
•  Increase color offering and market share
•  Increase color matching skills through formula starting points
•  Transfer color knowledge

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      Formulas – See how FG can create and save finishing formulas.

    Choose from one of three different company groups to see how FG will work for your company:

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    • Create Formula by clicking on the (beaker icon)
    • Choose any of the listed formulas and click ‘edit’
    • You will now see where FG allows you to add Materials, Pigments and Dyes, click Save & Continue
    • Next, FG allows you to enter formula price and formula information.
    • Click the ‘print’ button to get an automatically generated PDF download with the entire formula.

Formula Record Keeping Features & Details

  • • Accurately Create & Batch Any Size Formula

    • Gallons
    • Grams
    • Liters
    • Kilograms
    • Quarts

    • Reweigh Batch to Scale Formula to Add Materials to Formula.  No need to waste materials and start over from scratch.

    • Calculates Formula Price

    • Records Formula, Delta, Substrate, Date, User Name, Color Name, Material Type, and Batch Size

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  • Formula Record Keeping Performance

    • Calculates formulas to the hundredth of a gram

    • Displays percentage of pigments and dyes to base ratio

    • Displays formula in grams & fluid ounces

    • Outputs Formula in Easy to Read PDF Format

    • Grams
    • Kilograms
    • Fluid Ounces

    • Formulas are created using gram weight

    • Base pigments and dyes are identified in the formula output

    • All materials are easily searchable by material category, product name, or product number

    • Unlimited formula record keeping capacity

  • Formula Record Keeping Applications

    User friendly efficient record keeping of all types of formulas.

    • Small shops
    • Large shops
    • Laboratories
    • Distributors
    • Multi-location sharing
    • Used on devices with intrinsically safe enclosures for safety restricted areas

    Use on any device with Internet connectivity.

Formula Record Keeping Resource Benefits

Formula Record Keeping automation provides an accurate, safe, and secure database of color formulas.

  • With Finish Genius You Have…

    • Secure and Consistent Data Storage
    • Accurate Batching
    • Easily Find Formulas
    • Reduced Waste Stream Color Mismatches
    • Accurate Formulas

Finish Genius Brochure

PRICING: Small Shop Pricing Starting at…

  • $250 + $59/month

    One Admin & Two User Accounts

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  • $250 + $89/month

    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

PRICING:  Large Shop Pricing

  • $ Call for Price

    Virtually Unlimited User Accounts

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