• In Lab Training

    Training Skilled Workforce for the Future


Get Your Finishing and Painting Personnel Away from the Work Environment to an Advanced Learning Environment

AWFI provides cost effective individual training.  With our In-Lab Facility Training, you will discover new coating and equipment technologies, learn proper set up of shop finishing or painting facility, and experience manual and automated spray production processes.

In Lab Training Features and Benefits

  • Build Confidence In Your Team & Increase Your Own Skills

    Supplier Sourcing

    Take Training Results with You…Beautiful Sample Blocks

  • Completing the Knowledge Loop

    Learn Under Professional Supervision

    Broad Scope of Equipment Technology Exposure

  • Concentrated and Undistracted Learning

    Inspiration From Others

    Attendee Interaction

Who do We Train

Industry Sectors Trained

Experienced and Trained Finishers, Building Knowledge for the Future

  • • New Employees & Personnel

    • Trainers

    • Finishing & Paint Shop Supervisors

    • Staining and Glazing Technicians

    • Department Managers

  • • Small & Mid Size Shop Owners

    • Color Designers and Stylists

    • Finishing Team Leaders

    • Quality Control Personnel

    • Line Operators

  • • Middle Management

    • Product & Equipment Supplier Salespeople

    • Process Engineers

    • Lean Manufacturing Team

Training Programs

  • Industrial Wood Finishing & Color Matching (IWFCM 220)

  • Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 101)

  • Advanced Industrial Wood Finishing (IWF 102)

  • Antiquing & Glazing for Wood (AGW 201)

  • Color Matching for Wood (CMW 310)

  • Industrial Polyester, Polyurethane (IPO 320)

  • Industrial Paint & Pigment Coatings (IPP 330)

  • Compliant Water Based Finishing (WBF 501)

  • Process Quality Control
    (PQC 601)

  • Spray Operator Training
    (SOT 701)

  • Automated Finishing & Process Engineering (AFF 210)

  • Where We Train

    Lab training facility is located in Charlotte, N.C.  Ten minutes from the Charlotte Airport

    Pricing & Registration

    How to Enroll

    • Choose the AWFI In-Lab Training Course(s) you would like to register for from the list above… 

    • Download the Seminar/Course Registration Form

    • Scan & email completed Registration Form to info@awfi.org.  Call (888) 840-2934 anytime for questions and to provide payment information. Download Your Travel Packet anytime.

    How to Save

    • Multiple Attendees Discount

      Receive a 30% Discount for same company and same classes. (Excludes AFF 402 & CMW 410+)

    • Solution Package

      Check out a bundled solution package with Finish Genius Pro+ and receive a discount on In-Lab Training.

    • Get Started with In-Lab Training Solutions

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    • Questions?  Use the form on the left or call (888) 840 – 2934 to get started.  AWFI has successfully implemented custom In-Lab training solutions around the world.  All sized shops are welcome to send their finishing or paint crew.  We would be happy to provide you with a list of companies as references and testimonials.