• Finish Genius Material Quantities

    Automated Resource Estimating


Calculation of material quantities and man hours required for a project are automatically calculated using the Finish Genius advanced technology features.

Manufacturer’s can track material usage and cost to provide accurate job material quantities and pricing. This comprehensive software allows efficient and accurate production in the workplace.

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     Material Quantities – See how FG can track your material metrics.

    Choose from one of three different company groups to see how FG will work for your company:

    Manual Wood Shop
    • Automated Wood Shop
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    • Choose the ‘Material Quantities’ menu item to see a list of processes.
    • Choose a ‘Process’ from the drop down menu to see that process material metrics count.
    • Print anytime and get a hardcopy PDF download.

Material Quantities Features & Details

This software feature uses precise metrics to calculate:

  • Number of Gallons – Sq./Ft.
  • Number of Pieces – Sq./Ft.


  • Transfer Efficiency – %
  • Mil Thickness – Sq./Ft.
  • Spread Rate

Lists all required materials, quantities, and individual material code.

Automatically date stamps.

Assigns customer name to printout.

Calculates Total Production time and Surface area.

Material Quantities Performance

Easily calculate Square Footage

Accurate and automatic estimate of Production Time in Hours

Use all coating materials, and sundries for project from start to finish

Specifically calculate the quantities of each and every material used

Calculate both One-sided and Two-sided Finishing in Square Feet

Material Quantities Applications

Purchasing Managers will appreciate the ease of use when re-ordering materials.

Get instant printout of what materials are needed to complete your finishing requirements.

Use for quotes when pricing jobs.

Sorted for each finishing schedule you choose.

Material Quantities Resource Benefits

• Accurately Calculate Project Materials
• Increase Throughput
• Decrease Material Waste
• Accurately and Automatically Calculate Labor Resources

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    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

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