• Medium & Large Company Process Solutions

    Process Engineering and Documentation Solutions


  • Optimize Your Current State Process or Engineer a Future State Automated Solution

    Let our team evaluate your current state process to learn how to increase quality production efficiencies and throughput.

    To increase throughput and profitability AWFI can provide a future state solution to automate and streamline your paint and finishing operations.

  • Type of Medium & Large Company Consulting


  • Surface Preparation

    Surface area setup with automated and manual equipment specifications.

  • Color Development

    New finishes and multi-step finishes including color matching.

  • Coating Technologies

    Implementing advanced and proven equipment for finishing and paint department.

  • Manual and Automated Application Technologies

    Selecting and specifying both manual and automated application tech.

  • Curing Systems

    Specifying and selecting appropriate curing technology.

  • Material Handling Systems

    Specifying material handling equipment in the finishing environment.

  • Environmental Systems

    For manufacturing facilities with environmental regulations and specifications.


    • AWFI researches and develops processes using the latest technologies for both material and equipment.

    • We create engineered processes using resources from suppliers throughout the industry.

    • Our mission is to be your outsourced process engineer that work for you and your company’s manufacturing goals. We are not sponsored by suppliers and are strictly a non-biased resource to provide you with the most effective solution with the highest level of integrity and knowledge.

  • AWFI Value Proposition

    We partner with your company to connect coatings materials, equipment, process training personnel, and process controls. AWFI and the FG Team is second to none as a data resource to effectively research the correct technologies and create the documented processes to deliver targeted results.

Automated Sanding Systems

Surface preparation consistency and efficiency will reduce rework and production costs.  All types of manually operated and automatic surface preparation systems are researched to define the perfect fit for your process requirements.

  • Flat Line Finishing

    Flat line finishing systems are recommended for flat and semi flat parts that can be fed into the spray cabin and curing system.

    • Can be used for most substrate types
    • Reciprocating sprayers for flat parts up to moderate height parts
    • Robotic systems for complex shape parts
    • Rotary Spray

  • Typical Materials

    • Water based coatings
    • UV coatings
    • High gloss coatings
    • Most solvent coatings
    • Stains & Color coats

  • Reciprocating Flat Line Tall Parts

  • Reciprocating Flatline with Airless Spray

  • Rollcoat Finishing

    Rollcoat finishing provides an excellent application technology for flat panels, flooring, and substrates that require minimal 5-sided finishing or edge coating.

  • • 100% Application transfer efficiency
    • High speed production
    • Multi-coat finishing
    • UV coating
    • 100% Solids coating
    • Water based coatings
    • Color coats & top coats

  • Linear Spray Finishing

    Linear spray finishing technology is used for linear shape parts that are fed into the spray cabin and coating with fixed position applicators.

  • Typical Applications

    • Linear parts that require coating on all surfaces
    • Any type of substrate
    • All types of coating materials
    • Processes that requires high speed production
    • Use in Small to Large Shops

  • Robotic Finishing

    Robotic finishing is used for coating complex 3-dimensional parts.  Robotic spray applications are recommended for all industries that produce large production runs of similar size and shaped parts.  Part size and shape reading technology improves versatility of robotic finishing.

  • Typical Industries

    • Automotive
    • Aerospace
    • General Industries
    • Supply Chain Manufacturers

Hang Line & Tow Cart Material Handling Automation

  • Hang line finishing allows for coating all surfaces of the part in one process.  This technology increases throughput where coatings can be applied in a vertical position.

    • Metal parts for powder coating
    • Parts that can be sprayed in motion or sequenced into a stop position and rotated
    • Coatings that can be sprayed with medium-low film thicknesses

  • Tow cart material handling systems are recommended for complex 3-dimensional parts that require placement on a horizontal surface.

    • Parts that require finishing after assembly
    • Large parts
    • Process that requires long travel
    • Process that requires UV and high energy curing systems

  • Curing Systems

    Curing systems are used to accelerate coating curing process to meet requirements of throughput and high speed production.  Coating chemistry is evaluated and tested under strict lab conditions to ensure efficient curing at the lowest capital expenditure and operating cost.


  • Types of Curing Systems

    • All types of Infrared
    • UV ovens
    • Convection
    • Microwave
    • Linear Ovens
    • Stacking Ovens
    • High Temperature Ovens

Coating Material Handling & Application Technology

  • AWFI evaluates gun and applicator technology based on coating materials, finish quality, transfer efficiency, and life expectancy of equipment.  Specifying the correct coating material handling and application equipment are critical to the success of the project and process.

  • Typical Material Handling

    • Gear pumps, piston pumps, diaphragm pumps
    • Pressure pots
    • Paint kitchens
    • Multi-component dispensing systems

  • Typical Manual & Automatic Application Equipment

    • HVLP
    • Compliant
    • Airless
    • Air Assisted Airless
    • Rotary Atomizers

  • Current State

    • Process Evaluation, including equipment, materials, and current state process execution
    • Process Engineering
    • Process Documentation
    • Implementation of Process Improvements

  • AWFI Coating Consulting Services

  •  Future State

    • Project Design (Identify coating & equipment technologies)
    • Future State Process Engineering
    • Process Testing & Validation
    • Process Documentation
    • Process Asset Acquisition Management
    • Startup and Process Calibration
    • Process Procedure Documentation

  • Benefits

    • Outsource your process engineering requirements and reduce costs
    • Benefit from industry wide knowledge and technologies
    • Reduce process development lead time
    • Make technology and process connections
    • Reduce implementation and startup time & costs

  • Complete the Knowledge Loop

    Automate your finishing operation and keep educating your future finishing team.  Plus, enjoy ongoing AWFI training and process support.

  • Validate & Control Your Processes

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On Site Consulting & Process Solutions Includes…

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  • Finish Genius Pro+
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  • Coating Materials, Equipment & Sundries Processes

  • Evaluation to Implementation

  • Ongoing Support

Minimum 1 Year Finish Genius Pro+ License is Required

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