• Finish Genius Process Validation & Dashboard Reporting

    Real Time Streaming Task Validation & Data Collection


Real Time Process Validation provides accurate verification of each task performed.  As the tasks are completed and checked off, the tasks data is recorded in the Dashboard in real time.  

Easy to use for any standard work and custom processes. Checklists provide most advanced cutting edge tool for process compliance in the industry.

AWFI will work with your team to develop electronic checklists to ensure critical to quality tasks are verified & streamlined to prevent production bottlenecks.

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    • Click on the ‘My Work’ menu item to see a list of your work processes.
    • Click on the green ‘Resume’ button to see the electronic checklist.
    • As you complete tasks, click on the red square to mark as complete.  I will then turn to green, letting you know that task is now complete.  Data is stored in a log.

Process Validation Features & Details

Detailed Process Control and efficient information channel for real-time manufacturing.

    • User ID
    • Date/Time
    • Task Line Item
  • Task Data Inputs

Sequential check-off mode for correct task sequence order

Non-sequential check-off mode for task performed in random order

Multi check-off for multiple users with login id and time stamp and number of tasks checked off.

Task verification is recorded in Dashboard in real-time

Multiple data inputs per task line item available streaming to Dashboard in real-time.

Checklists can be updated by admin user in real-time

Custom data inputs for defects can be configured for each process

Custom data inputs for adders can be configured for each process

Process Validation Performance

Task validation is real-time

Data input visibility in real-time

Process information detailed reporting from checklists

Process trending graphs generated in real-time from data inputs

Available for use on any Internet or Intranet connected device

Operates on very low bandwidth

Production and maintenance assistance DPM feature available on each checklist

Custom Checklists are automatically generated by master process steps using Finishing Processes. No need to create new checklists for custom processes deviating from standard work.

Process Validation Applications

Startup and Shutdown procedures

Process Operations

Data Collection

Quality Control Checklists

Re-work and defect reporting

Process assignment

Personnel security for processes

Process Improvement

Process Validation Resource Benefits

Continuous Process training
Validates Employee Performance
Enhanced Real-time Data Collection & Reporting
• Improves Operator Consistency
• Provides Real-time Information Channel
• Allows for Dynamic Process Adjustments
• Continuous Validation for Process Improvement
• Reduced Reworks
• Increases Product Quality
• Increases Throughput
• Provides Process Reference Database
• Enforces Process Order and Traceability

PRICING: Small Shop Pricing Starting at…

  • $250 + $59/month

    One Admin & Two User Accounts

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  • $250 + $89/month

    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

PRICING:  Large Shop Pricing

  • $ Call for Price

    Virtually Unlimited User Accounts

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