• Small Shop Consulting & Shop Setup

    Competitive Finishing Solutions


  • AWFI provides a consulting resource to setup small shops or optimize your paint or finish facility.  This resource is a non-biased cost effective solution that  provides expertise requirements for small to mid-size shops.

    Our services include off-site consultation to define the correct process for your finishing needs.

    • Coating & Materials Specifications

    • Equipment Specifications

    • Setting Up Paint or Finishing Shop Environment

  • What’s Included with Small Shop Consulting & Process Solutions

  • Surface Preparation

    Sanding area setup and small shop sanding equipment specifications.

  • Spray Booth Setup

    Selecting the correct spray booth and features with specifications.

  • Gun & Pump Systems

    Specifying the correct guns, tips, and delivery systems.

  • Air Makeup Systems

    Specifying air handling equipment in the finishing environment.


  • Compressed Air Systems

    Specifying compressed air delivery systems and compressors.


  • Small Shop Curing Systems

    For shops that require accelerated curing, mobile or batch oven solution specifications.


  • Finishing Room Layout and Product Flow

    Provide reviews and recommendations.


Small Shop Consulting & Process Solution Benefits

  • Save Money And Costly Mistakes

    Engineered process systems will reduce the learning curve and startup time. Proven processes will result in higher quality finishes, reduced liability risk, and decreased project completion time and costs.

  • • Produce Multi-Step Finishes from the Start
    • Be Successful with Lower Skill Sets
    • Offer Color Diversity and Quality Like Large Competitors
    • Reach Profitability Quickly
    • Deliver On Time

  • Validate & Control Your Processes

  • Discover More About Finish Genius Pro +

PRICING: Small Shop Consulting & Process Solutions with Finish Genius Pro+

Remote Consulting Price: $250* + $89 /month

*One Time Data Upload Fee.  Minimum 1 Year Finish Genius Pro+ License Required.

Great for Shops with a Finishing Crew of One to Five

The Small Shop Consulting & Process Solutions with Finish Genius Pro+ Package.  If you are looking for competitive finishing solutions at a low cost and great value, this is the Solution Package for you.  Quickly get Finish Genius Pro+ populated and improve the process.  This package includes…

  • 10-12 Hours Standardized Setup Consulting – Performed Remotely

  • Populating Finish Genius Pro+ with materials, master process schedules, and checklists

  • Remote Process Consultations (included with all Finish Genius Pro+ packages)

  • Define Required Processes

  • Specify Coating Technologies & Application Equipment

  • Define Finishing Environment Requirements

*One Time Data Upload Fee – We want to get your project streamlined and competitive.  The Data Upload populates Finish Genius with your content and everything you need to get started. Choose between [ninja-popup id=”2538″]Turnkey Data Setup[/ninja-popup] or [ninja-popup id=”2543″]Pre-Engineered Data[/ninja-popup].

  • Finish Genius Brochure

    The Best Application Technology since the flat-line.  Check out the AWFI Finish Genius Brochure to learn how this software can advance your application performance.  Data Record Keeping, Process Engineering, Process Training, Process Validation, and a lot more.

    Download Full Finish Genius Brochure


Q: How do I get started on my small shop project? (For both new shops and small shop optimization)

A:  Complete the form below to provide your information so we may schedule a call to discuss your project requirements.

Q: What is the process to complete my small shop setup consulting project?

A:  After we are engaged in your project our consultants will schedule over the phone meetings to get the required information to specify the coatings and equipment for your finishing requirements.  Based on availability and costs, along with using the best process standards, the consultants will specify and create master process steps in Finish Genius.  This process requires multiple meetings with your team to ensure successful production procedures.

Q: What happens after processes are engineered and mutually agreed upon to meet our requirements and budget?

A:  All processes are configured in Finish Genius, process schedules are created along with electronic checklists. Your login information will then be set up and delivered to you.

Q: Will I receive ongoing support after the project is completed?

A:  Yes, you may contact us to troubleshoot problems that may arise during the learning curve and startup process. All Finish Genius Pro Plus+ customers receive ongoing process support.

  • Get Started with Competitive Finishing Solutions for Smaller Shops

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  • Questions?  Use the form on the left or call (888) 840 – 2934 to get started.  AWFI has successfully implemented custom consulting and shop setup solutions for hundreds of small shops.  We would be happy to provide you with a list of companies as references and testimonials.