• Finish Genius Video Process Monitoring

    Real Time High Definition Process Monitoring


Process monitoring technology allows for eyes-on critical to quality visibility.  Process monitoring system can be configured using high resolution video to provide a detailed real-time view of live production.  

The streaming video feed to Finish Genius can be viewed on any Internet connected device.  Monitoring system can be setup in any production safe zone, focusing on intricate processes.

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     Video Process Monitoring – See how FG can live stream visual data from the finishing floor.

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Video Process Monitoring Features & Details

Can be viewed remotely on any Internet connected device

Record process application for approximately 2 weeks

High definition video clearly shows application processes

Video system monitoring of up to 32 different processes

Video Process Monitoring Performance Specifications & Requirements

4K HD Streaming Video

Finish Genius Hardware Specifications:

• Two high resolution IP video cameras
• DVR & Software
• 1 50”+ television monitor
• Cabling

Customer Requirements:

• IP Address with username/password
• 120 V Power to system
• P.C. to run video feed software

XML or REST web service

Video Process Monitoring Applications

Visually determine process status prior to startup

Record process incidents or alarms to reduce production errors

Record process for quality evaluation

Record for process improvement and training

Video Process Monitoring Resource Benefits

Reduce need for personnel monitoring

Prevent excessive re-work

Production monitoring remotely

Remotely provides eyes on process in difficult to access areas

Improve operator safety

Reduces labor costs

PRICING:  Medium Size Operations Pricing Starting at…

  • $250 + $89/month

    One Admin & Ten User Accounts

PRICING:  Large Shop Pricing

  • $ Call for Price

    Virtually Unlimited User Accounts

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